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Your voice and time matters. Learn how you can volunteer, fundraise, weigh in on a public policy matter, or get involved in our political action committee.

Colorado HB 24-1380

As you are aware, AADR staff has been working with lawmakers in the Colorado House of Representatives and Senate to remove a fee cap provision from HB 24-1380, a bill put forward by the state attorney general. We’ve provided pubic testimony in the House of Representatives and continue to meet with AG staff in pursuit of an amendment to remove the fee cap. 

On April 18, the statehouse approved HB 24-1380 on a 44-19 vote without an amendment to remove the fee cap provision. The bill now moves to the Senate and has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee where it will be heard by the committee on Monday, April 22. 

AADR still has not received a commitment from the AG’s office regarding the amendment. With that in mind, our focus continues to be on engaging with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the harm the bill, in its current form, would do to Colorado consumers. 

Our meetings with Senate Judiciary members have been productive, but we need your help.

There are two key ways you may can assist in our advocacy:

  • First, if you have Colorado consumers who are willing to explain how debt resolution was beneficial to them we would like to work with you to find a way for them to share their story in committee. Colorado allows both remote and in-person testimony. 
  • Second, write to senators and, in particular, Senate Judiciary Committee members. We can help facilitate that as well. We have testimony and letters already submitted to the Colorado legislature that can serve as models for your communications. 

Please contact Jake Agron ( if you can help. AADR is focusing its efforts on the following senators:

Things remain fluid, and we will provide updates as they arise. Colorado’s legislative session has less than three weeks left, and they will likely meet at least six days a week until that time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

The ability of companies to offer debt resolution services to consumers depends significantly on our capacity, as an industry, to ensure that debt resolution is both permissible and economical under state laws. As we collectively fight to both open new states for business for debt resolution firms, and to push back against attempts to restrict the ability of our industry to offer its services in states, we need your help

To provide our industry with the strongest voice in statehouses across the country and in our nation’s capital, your financial support of the CFE PAC is critical. It will allow the industry to engage politically in multiple states, providing significant new business opportunities and defending existing markets. 

Visit the CFE PAC website to make your individual contribution up to a maximum of $5,000 annually:

Financial literacy is the foundation of financial freedom, which is why AADR is eager to support the Council for Economic Education, or CEE.

CEE’s mission is to equip K-12 students and their parents with the knowledge and tools of economics and personal finance so that they can make better decisions for themselves, their families, and their communities. Like AADR, CEE envisions a bright financial futures for today’s young people, one where they will knowledgably and confidently navigate the financial tools and resources available to them.

There are several ways to support CEE and its mission:        

Give to AADR’s CEE Fundraiser: 

But, remember: every dollar counts and will put a child on the path to financial freedom, so DONATE HERE.

The most effective way to advance CEE’s mission is direct giving. AADR’s goal is to raise $100,000 for CEE in 2024. Not sure what to give? Here is how your generous contributions can help:- $2,500 helps a teacher from your local area attend CEE’s educator conference- $1,000 helps a student team travel to the National Personal Finance Challenge Finals.

– $500 helps outfit a classroom with personal finance lesson plans and materials
– $100 helps support a student participant in our Invest in Girls Online program
– $50 helps provide materials, pizza, and snacks for a Family Financial Fun Night 
every dollar counts towards supporting CEE’s overall mission

Volunteer with CEE: 

At AADR’s annual conferences, we co-host Family Literacy Nights with CEE. These events are an excellent way to see CEE’s mission in action and to understand the impact of AADR’s partnership with CEE. Check our conference webpages to sign up to volunteer at these events. Not able to make it? The team at AADR can connect your company with CEE so you can host a Family Literacy Night in your community. Just get in touch! 

National Personal Finance Challenge

CEE’s National Personal Finance Challenge (NPFC) is a nationwide competition that offers high school students an exciting way to build and demonstrate their knowledge of core personal finance concepts, including earning income, spending, saving, investing, credit, and risk. The challenge includes statewide competitions with winners advancing to the National Finals.

AADR member companies can lead their own student teams as coaches using CEE’s educator/coach online toolkit. AADR members also can volunteer as judges at the NPFC.