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Championing Responsible Debt Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

AADR’s mission is to educate consumers and policymakers about debt resolution and its benefits, hold debt resolution companies to the highest industry standards, and protect and expand access to accredited debt resolution services nationwide.

Debt Resolution:
A Way Out Of Financial Distress

Consumers are drowning in unsecured debt. While it’s not for everyone, debt resolution is a proven and effective option for consumers facing financial difficulties to reduce their debt and avoid bankruptcy. Our debt resolution member companies are held to the highest standards in the industry and never charge a fee until the client accepts a negotiated settlement with one of their creditors and makes a payment towards that settlement.

AADR Commissioned Reports

Over the past nine years, the AADR has commissioned reports from financial and academic experts showing how debt resolution providers benefit the U.S. economy and help millions of Americans with unsecured debt.

Promoting Accountability and Building Consumer Trust

The AADR sets the industry’s highest standards to protect consumers struggling with overwhelming debt. By partnering with an independent third-party auditor, AADR ensures member companies operate with the highest level of transparency and integrity and meet all federal and state regulatory requirements for the debt resolution industry. AADR member companies are industry leaders working to advance consumer protections for those struggling with unsecured debt.

2024 —

AADR 2024 Annual Conference

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas