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AADR Accreditation

Assurance that member companies’ clients’ interests are a top priority. Assurance that member companies go above and beyond federal and state rules, regulations and laws. Assurance that member companies’ practices are verified by an independent auditor review.

AADR requires that all member debt resolution providers be accredited through a full bi-annual audit by an independent auditor. Through the AADR accreditation process, member companies’ practices are audited for compliance with federal and state regulations as well as AADR industry standards.

AADR member companies are held to the highest standards and never charge a consumer an upfront fee as specified by the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR).

What accreditation tells clients

AADR accreditation is a steadfast commitment to reliability, accountability and transparency. It signifies that a company upholds the industry’s highest standards and represents their clients’ best interests in negotiations with creditors and actions with others within the debt resolution process.

AADR maintains a publicly accessible, up to date list of all accredited members. In addition, once earned, AADR member companies proudly display the AADR Accredited Member seal on their websites and external facing materials.

The accreditation process

When a company joins AADR, it undergoes a comprehensive, independent third-party audit to verify alignment with the AADR’s guidelines, including regulatory restrictions on marketing and products, provisions for applicant and client disclosures and internal management practices. AADR members must renew their accreditation bi-annually and submit to regular audits.

Once a company successfully completes the audit, it can display the AADR Accredited Member seal on websites, advertisements and marketing materials as a symbol of the company’s dedication to best practices and consumer protection.

For regulators, policymakers and consumers, the Accredited Member seal is a trusted indicator of compliance with AADR’s rigorous standards.

Commitment is assured

AADR maintains a dedicated internal body of experienced professionals from across the industry committed to excellence that assesses existing and potential future standards for its members. The organization also employs a full-time compliance officer who oversees the independent auditing program of AADR member companies. If an accredited member company is found to have disregarded these rules, either through an audit or through another means, AADR immediately begins a review process to potentially strip the member of their accreditation.

AADR Standards


As part of accreditation, AADR sets industry standards for member companies as they manage their internal team and operations. This approach assures consumers that they will receive a high level of service that will put them on the path toward financial freedom. AADR industry standards assure a company:


Members must must ensure a client’s financial wellbeing is represented.


Members must notify clients of their rights, options, fees and potential impacts of debt resolution before enrollment.


Members confirm that debt resolution is the right option for their clients and make it clear that they are allowed to leave the program at any time.


Member companies do not charge upfront fees. Consumers are not charged a fee until a debt has been resolved, the consumer has agreed to the settlement, and has made a payment towards the settled account.

AADR’s Code of Conduct for member companies can be found here.