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Impact of Debt Resolution

Debt resolution has an immense and concrete impact on the country, communities, and countless Americans each year.

Taken directly from the independent reports commissioned by our organization, the quantifiable effect can be felt and seen across the United States.

Debt resolution accounts for:

  • $6.8 Billion in total economic impact
  • $1.65 billion in consumer savings
  • $658 million for creditors
  • $821 million in federal, state, and local taxes
  • 34,000 jobs

If debt resolution were allowed widely across the country, in the dozen states which currently restrict providers, the results would be compounded, creating an additional impact of:

  • $758 million in direct economic impacts
  • $387 million more in savings for consumers
  • $59 million in taxes to the federal government
  • $32 million in supplementary state and local taxes
  • 4,120 new jobs

To view the full reports, click here.